Creme Egg pigs – 31 Jan 2011

Creme Eggs.  Tick. Coloured icing. Tick. Strawberry laces. Tick. We’re ready to go.

This week for cookery we decided to get a bit porcine. But with no oven to use, real pork was not an option, so we went for something everyone loves: chocolate. Here’s my effort, which I managed to snap before stuffing it down my throat:

Creme Egg pig. Taken 0.3 seconds before I ate him

1. To make your own pig,  first pick a chocolate egg of your choice. At MaD Club, we each chose either a Creme Egg or a Caramel Egg. We unwrapped the eggs carefully, flattening out the foil wrapper as a mini-mat to work and rest our pig/egg on.

2. You’ll need some royal icing. We used Dr Oetker’s ready- to-roll icing . It comes ready coloured, so you just need to roll it out on a board dusted with icing sugar.

3. We each chose a coloured icing  (from green, blue, red and yellow)  for our pigs’ legs and faces – each person was given a ball of icing just a bit smaller than a Creme Egg.

4. First part of the pig to make was the legs. We took about half of the ball of icing, rolled into a sausage shape and then cut this into four trotters. We then stuck them on to the underside of the pig using some glace icing (icing sugar and a little boiling water).

5. Next was the snout. For this we made a small sausage and ‘glued’ this on to the pointy end of the egg. You can use a skewer or cocktail stick to make two nostrils in the snout.

6. Then we made two flat leaves of icing for the ears and stuck them on the head.

7. For eyes, we chose what colour icing we wanted. I used some of the white glace icing. Then we added black pupils made of little balls of the black icing.

8. Nearly there! Last but not least was the tail. We took a half of a strawberry licquorice lace and curled it up into a spiral. We then stuck this to the back end of the pigs with glace icing. Mine started to unravel a bit, but I thought this added to the character of the pig!

To complete our piggy paradise we sat them on a mud-pile made of Rice Krispies mixed in melted milk chocolate. Yum!

That’s it. Yummy, fun and creative. I’ll try and find the pic of all the pigs lined up. Until then, here’s my handsome beast from the side. Oink-tastic!

My pig from the side


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