Bowling – 21 Feb 2011

This week was outing week, and we all met at Guildford Spectrum to show those ten pins who’s boss. We have some ace bowlers in Music and Dance Club – near-professionals who have honed their abilities both by bowling in Guildford and Woking and by practising on the Wii.

One of the best things about going out to go bowling, rather than staying at home to play the Wii, is the carpet at Spectrum – amazing!

Ten-pin bowling carpet

I love this psychedelic carpet!

Ten-pin bowling

Music and Dance Club, on the whole, did very well. I, on the other hand, was having an off day...

We secured two lanes next to each other, exchanged our shoes for the ever-so cool bowling shoes and split into two teams, making sure that the expert bowlers were distributed between the two. There were an impressive number of strikes and spares throughout the games. Neil especially was on top form!

I didn’t get a single strike, despite at least a couple of bowls where I swear the centre pin must have been glued down. Still, there’s always next time to try and show I have some bowling ability. Better learn from the best and get on the Wii now!


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