Valentine’s cards – 14 Feb 2011

This year, Valentine’s Day happened to fall on a Monday, so we decided to make some cards. We already have some cards and envelopes in a range of pastel colours, so all we needed to do was to find some romantic bits and pieces to add to the cards. We had some amazing pink sparkly tuile fabric to use, as well as some felt in red and pink.

Here’s a selection of the finished product:

Handmade Valentine's cards by Guildford Music and Dance Club

A selection of our handiwork!

Not everyone at Music and Dance Club has a significant other, so we expanded the remit of our cards so that they could be sent to anyone we loved – whether a friend, parent, sibling, or pet!

We talked about what we might want to put on the front. The traditional idea of hearts was popular, so we cut some out of the fabric. Another idea was to use the initial of the person the card was for.

Carolanne made a card for her cat, Sooty. She also did a beautiful matching envelope (see right).

Handmade Valentine's card and envelope

Beautiful! Particularly love the use of sparkles and pom-pom!

We hope the people that got cards liked them, as they were certainly made with lots of love!

If you or a friend or relative is interested in finding out more about Music and Dance Club, send us an email. We a group of young people with learning difficulties. We meet every Monday in Guildford, Surrey to have a chat, make things, act, play music, dance and generally relax and have fun. Drop us a line at musicanddanceclub AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk


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