Dance – 7 March

Susan, one of Music and Dance Club’s helpers, is Scottish, so today we tackled some traditional Scottish dancing. It started with us pairing up and learning some waltz steps for The Gay Gordons dance. According to Music and Dance Club attendee Alana, it was tricky to start with, but good to learn new skills.

Group of young people doing Scottish dancing

Music and Dance Club gets its groove on

Next, it was time to practise some more moves. We paired up, crossing arms with our partners in a special hold. Once we figured out which arm went where we started the steps. First, we danced forwards, then turned and went back the other way. We repeated this. Then we joined hands and danced in a circle, one way then the other. One move involved all the women dancing together and meeting in the centre of the circle. Then it was the men’s turn. Then we had to put it all together!

Remembering all of the new moves and trying to count at the same time was difficult at first, but we soon got the hang of it. Then we each had an extra big cup of tea to reward our hard work. Phew!


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