Drama – 28 February

It was a smaller group than normal due to a few people being off ill. We began this session sat as we do all sessions, sat in a circle sharing our news from the week.

Next it was time for some drama! What we did was based on an idea from this site for drama activities. We split into pairs and each of us took a chair and sat next to our partner. I (Chrissie, one of the helpers), started to talk about situations in which we all might find ourselves sat next to someone else. A regular user of Transport for London’s bus and Tube services, I arranged two chairs side-by-side and suggested that sitting on a bus or underground train is one time in which we might find ourselves rubbing shoulders with someone. I asked each pair to try and think of another situation, and then mime it (no talking at all!) to the rest of the groups for them to guess. I had some ideas written on small pieces of paper ready to pick from a hat to get people thinking.

What would you do with two chairs?

After five minutes’ preparation we were ready. We all faced the first pair and watched as they expertly mimed a romantic meal for two. Next was a pair sat next to each other, pointing and gesticulating in front of them. From their jumping around and clapping we guessed that they were watching sport. (Rugby, they said, in which Scotland was winning!) The third pair sat face-to-face and one person was looking closely at the other’s face. We decided it was an optician and that George was undergoing an eyetest. Another paired mimed riding on the tractor they use at their jobs at a garden centre. On a second mime, one pair took their seats on a train.

So we had: a romantic meal, watching sport on the tv, a visit to the optician, riding on a tractor and taking the train. Can you think of any more things to mime with two chairs?

Image: graur codrin / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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