Party games – 14 March

Today was party games. We had a usual round of news, which is a chance to tell everyone else what we’ve been up to since the last Music and Dance Club. It’s also where we hear about the goings-on with various people’s cats, including Sooty, Gypsy and Beano.

After news and a quick warm-up we played a game of a game some of us know as ‘go fish’, and others as ‘pairs’. It’s simple – just turn over two cards at a time from a number lying face-down and try to get a pair. You watch other people’s turns so that if they uncover two unmatching cards then you might be able to use this knowledge on your go. After a couple of games of this it was time for our tea break.

Next was pass-the-parcel. Helper Anna makes the best parcels, and each layer we unwrapped included sweets and some kind of task. These included:  having to hum a song for the group to recognise, doing an impression of your favourite animal, and counting down from 10 backwards. The prize inside was a big bag of Haribo – won by Mark. There’s always next time for the rest of us…


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