Arts and crafts – 28 March

In honour of Mothering Sunday, which is happening the weekend after this Monday’s club we decided to make some things we could give our mums. We split into two groups – one to make cards and one to make rosettes.

Some of our rosette badges made for Mothers’ Day

For the rosettes we bought some beautiful ribbon from WH Smith. It was with the scrapbooking items, and came in some gorgeous designs, including some with chicks, birds and cupcakes.

We also bought some other decorative flower items, they came with with fastenings on the back.

I learned from the packet that these are called brads. Brads are like paper fasteners –  two spines of metal pointing up that you push through a page and then flatten one spine either side of the hole to secure.

More of our handiwork – with and without extra ribbon

To make a rosette you’ll need:

  • about a meter of ribbon cut into six sections, so that’s about 15cm long each
  • a paper flower with a brad on the back
  • a small circle of stiff-ish card
  • a stitch unpicker
  • some strong tape
  • a safety pin

You add each ribbon one by one

First thing to do is to turn the flower face down. Take a length of ribbon and press it down over the brads – you might find this easier if you make a hole in the ribbon with the stitch unpicker first. Then, fold over one end of the ribbon to the centre and press this end over the brad too, making a loop of ribbon on one side of the flower. Repeat with the other (as-yet-unfolded) end. Then get another piece of ribbon and repeat.

We used four pieces of ribbon on most of the rosettes, so spread the ribbon out evenly around the flower to create a symmetrical rosette – i.e. one at 12 o’clock, one at 3, one at 6 and another  at 9.

Adding a third ribbon

We used two colours for this rosette – adding one colour after another.

For each length of ribbon repeat the process of  folding in each end and pressing down on to the brad. Those of us that wanted then added two single pieces of ribbon to hang down the bottom of the rosette by adding to the brad in the same way.

The fastening on the back of the rosette

Then, when you added all the ribbon you want, it’s time to secure the ribbon and fix the badge backing.

To do this, we stuck a safety pin on to a small piece of stiff card. We used a small piece of strong tape (electrical tape in this case) to try and fix the safety pin as tightly as possible to the card.

Wearing our handmade rosettes with pride

Then we made a hole through the tape and piece of card using the stitch unpicker. We placed the card on top of the ribbon on the back of the flower, and then pressed down the two parts of the brad, one to the right and one to the left.

We made sure one of the metal arms went over the safety pin, to help it stay stuck securely to the rosette.

The finished product? Some lovely rosettes! Carolanne expertly models hers (right). They were so nice, that I think we might make some again to keep for ourselves!


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