Arts and crafts – 31 October 2011

The summer’s been (kind of!) and gone, and Music and Dance Club has enjoyed a mix of sports, arts and crafts, cookery, music and all sorts of other fun over the last couple of months. Highlights include a continuation of the on-going bowling tournament, our summer picnic (held inside because of the rain!) and a movie evening.

Anyway, we’re back on the blog now and what a great day to return: Hallow’een. We couldn’t let this pass without having some fun with some lovely fat pumpkins from Secretts’ Garden Centre. We didn’t carve them, but instead decorated them with marker pens, pipecleaners, ribbons and anything else we could find in our big box of creative stuff. We think they look pretty great (and should still be good to eat if we want!).

What better after our tea and cake but to relax and make a flapping bat? This idea came from Family Fun, which has a whole load of exciting looking things to do.

They explain in detail how to make your bat there, so we won’t go into details. Just to say that this wasn’t too difficult to assemble our bat body and wings into a spooky-looking creature.

Then, we grabbed some glitter pens to give our eyes some eyes, ears, feet and even a waistcoat in one case. We also managed to produce a couple of bat-cats, a little-known species native to Surrey.

All that was left to do was hang our bats upside down and pull on the thread to check out their flapping action.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Looking at us and our winged friends all lined up, I don’t know which group is scariest!

Happy hallow’een from us all!


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