Cookery – 14 November 2011

Inspired by Guy Fawkes’ Night and the disappointing lack of appealing things to eat available at Guildford’s Stoke Park fireworks, we decided to create some edible apple heads this week.

You will need:

  • One apple per person (not too shiny!)
  • Milk chocolate and white chocolate, melted over warm water
  • Strawberry laces
  • Cake decorating sprinkles
  • Any other sweets you like (we used jelly tots and chocolate fingers).

First step was to put newspaper on the table and floor to catch any chocolate/sweet debris. We couldn’t find skewers so we balanced our apples on upside-down plastic cups (as these were disposable, it saved on tidying up too). We selected the chocolate first and spooned it over the apple. Some of us chose a mixture of milk and white.

Then, before the chocolate completely hardened, we began to construct our apple face. Take a look at the gallery to see the different ways we used the bits and pieces we’d bought to decorate.

Chocolate, sweets and one of our five-a-day. Genius!

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