Cookery – 23 April 2012

This year, St George’s Day (the day to celebrate the patron saint of England) fell on a Monday. This, along with the fact that our very own George has been a longstanding member of Music and Dance Club, meant that we dedicated this week’s cookery activity to all things George.

We made biscuits showing the St George’s flag and, to commemorate the dragon he slayed, we made dragons’ nest complete with eggs.

For the St George’s biscuits, you’ll need:

  • Flat biscuit (e.g. Rich Tea, digestive)
  • White icing
  • Fruit jam
  • Strawberry laces (cut into 5-6cm pieces)

For the dragons’ nests:

  • Shredded wheat or other fibre-like breakfast cereal
  • melted milk or dark chocolate
  • chocolate-covered raisins, strawberries etc. for the eggs
  • Small paper cake cases

First step for the biscuits was to spoon a small blob of jam on the bottom of one of the biscuits.

Adding the jammy glue between our biscuit sandwich

Then, sandwich the other on top. Next, carefully spread and smooth some white icing on the top of the sandwich. Finally, before the icing sets completely, lay two pieces of strawberry lace across the biscuit – one top to bottom, one left to right – to make the cross. Then, eat! For the dragons’ nests, melt your chocolate of choice (you can do this with a very quick blast in a microwave, or over a bowl of hot water – but take care). Then, smash up a small handful of the cereal with a spoon.

Making the nests with the chocolate-coated cereal

Next, add the cereal to the chocolate and mix, mix, mix!  When it’s ready, spoon some of the mixture into the cake cases and press into a nest shape with the back of a teaspoon. Finally, choose your eggs from whatever egg-like treats you have to hand and add to the nest.


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