Cookery – 9 March 2015

We started today’s session topsy-turvy by doing the activity first, this was so we could enjoy the fruits of our labour at break time.

To start, we sat in a circle and took turns to name different types of fruit. Then we wrote them down and put them on the piece of coloured card that matches the colour of the fruit. We talked about how it’s good to eat different-coloured food, and that fruit is healthy as it contains vitamins and fibre.

imageThen we got on to the really fun bit! We had a smoothie maker and ingredients, namely:

– fresh strawberries

– fresh bananas

– frozen black cherries

– frozen blueberries

– semi-skimmed milk

– lime and mint (to garnish).


We took turns to add our selected ingredients to the smoothie maker, held the lid down and then pressed the button. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Then all that was left to do was drink! Marks out of ten for our smoothies ranged from 5 to 11(!). They tasted very banana-y, too much for some of us, but we all liked the pinky-purple colour of the smoothies.





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