A visit from the police dogs – 30 March 2015

We were really excited this week to welcome three very special visitors, who came with 10 legs between them.

Surrey Police dog handler Laura came to see us with her two dogs.

First, we met Izzie. She’s a dog that is able to smell people and track them if they’re trying to hide from the police. She was very well behaved. We were surprised that such a fierce-looking dog made such a high-pitched noise though!


Next, Laura brought in Mitzie, a dog that’s trained to smell drugs. She ran around and around the room sniffing everything (including us!).


Mitzie was very cuddly and we all got to have a stroke. You can see how relaxed she was. In the picture below, she was trying to get Laura to tickle her tummy.


Laura told us how when the dogs do their job correctly, for example, by finding illegal drugs, they get their special ball as a reward. A few of us were quick enough to get Mitzie’s ball from her, so we could throw it across the room for her to chase.


Laura told us more about being a police officer, including the equipment and uniform she has. We couldn’t believe how heavy her stab-proof vest was.


We we had a great time hearing about what Laura and her two canine companions get up to.

Things nearly got awkward when we discovered Mitzie had taken a liking to one of the rubber doorstops in the room where we meet. Luckily, Laura persuaded Mitzie to leave it behind. Just as well, or we might have had to call the police!


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