Visit: Guildford Fire Station – 22 February 2016


Last year, a brand-new, shiny fire station opened in Guildford, so we went for a nose around. We were met by Paul and some of the other members of Red Watch.

First of all, we looked around the garage. We learned that the fire engines are called ‘appliances’. We enjoyed being able to climb up into the cab!


Paul showed us around the appliance, including all of the equipment and tools it carries. We passed around the thermal imaging camera so we could look through it. Hot things – like our hands and faces – look very bright through this. The firefighters use them to look for people in smoke-filled places.


Paul also got dressed up in his suit, boots and helmet. It all looked very heavy.


We learned lots of interesting things. Fire appliances have two lights on the back. The red and white one is to show which appliance is ‘in charge’ when more than one is called to a fire or other emergency.


Each firefighter has a ‘tally’ – a tag with their name and number on. It shows if someone is out at a fire or not.


We also saw some of the other vehicles there, including a brand-new 4×4:


And two ENORMOUS trucks, there in case of big emergencies all over the country. One even has a kitchen in the back!


Then we went outside for the really impressive machine! This is a new special truck that has a ladder on the back. It goes up very high, very fast!


Some of us were brave enough to have a ride in it!


Back in the warm, we saw the rest of the station. There’s a kitchen, a gym, an office and some bedrooms for the firefighters to rest in.

We had a wonderful time – thanks Red Watch!




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