Cookery – February 29 2016

We’re always looking for no-oven cookery we can do, so this week we were very excited to give this recipe for chocolate truffles a try. We washed our hands and got ready.

First thing was to put the ingredients into the bowl and get mixing. You need strong arms!

We found some fun things to roll the truffles in: pink edible glitter, crushed biscuit and chocolate-coated popping candy. We also found some tiny cake cases (they were called “Petit fours cases”).


Once the butter, sugar and cocoa were all mixed in nicely, we put some clingfilm on the tabletop. We dusted some icing sugar on the table and then plopped a small spoonful of mixture on top. Then for the fun bit – rolling the truffles!


It was a good idea to have a little bit of icing sugar on our hands too, so the truffle didn’t stick. Once it was a nice, round ball shape, we then sprinkled our coating of choice on to the table and then gave the truffle a roll around.

20160229_204515Here are some in the little cases – cute! Once we’d made a set, we then constructed some little cardboard boxes we had. Then we popped the truffles inside.


We thought that these would make a brilliant gift for Mother’s day – but only if they last until then!


One comment

  1. surreydarling · March 11, 2016

    these look yummy!


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