Arts and crafts – 5 December 2016

Everyone loves the holidays! To make something a bit different for the festive season, we decided to have a go at these reindeer-inspired Christmas crowns.

You’ll need:

  • cardboard for the headband and the reindeer antlers
  • stapler or sticky tape (both to be sure)
  • pens, stickers, shapes and glue etc. for decoration.
  1. For the headband, we taped two pieces of A4 card together longways. Then, find a partner and ask them to measure the headband so it sits comfortably around your head. Ask them to mark the width required.
  2. Cut the headband to size, leaving a little overlap where you can glue or staple the headband (but don’t do that yet!).
  3. Cut out your reindeerĀ antlers, and decorate how you like. We used sticky foam shapes and wrote our initials on ours. We also had coloured foil to wrap around the antlers.
  4. Decorate your headband.
  5. Staple, glue or tape your antlers to the headband. We found the longer the part you attached to the crown, the more antlers stood up (having a deeper headband also helped with this).
  6. Lastly, staple and/or tape theĀ  headband together. Put it on and smile. You’re ready to party!

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