Visitor – 30 January 2017

Today, we had a visitor come to talk to us about keeping well and what to do if something unexpected happens.

We did a quiz where we matched up different events (such as burning yourself when making a hot drink, seeing someone having a seizure, or accidentally cutting yourself) with what we should do (things like running burns under cold water, calling for help, finding a clean dressing and pressing on the wound).


This team had some help from a cheeky monkey!

Then we talked about who you contact by dialling 999, and the things you should try and tell the operator when you call.

We played the plates game. We had paper plates with different numbers on (1, 2, 3 and 4+). We then had to move to the number that reflected our answer to different questions like:

  • how many times a day I clean my teeth
  • how many meals I eat per day
  • how many times I see the dentist each year
  • how many times a week (day?) I eat cake
  • how many times a day I go for a walk or do some exercise
  • how many times a day I laugh

Lastly, we got into pairs. We took some (unused) bandages and dressings and practised bandaging up our arms, legs and even our heads.

Thanks to our guest!



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