Outing: Guildford Fire Station – 12 March 2018

It’s been two years (two years!) since our first trip to Guildford Fire Station and we were really keen to get back.

Rowan, Joe and other members of the team met us on Monday. We started with a lesson in fire safety. We learned that fire needs fuel, heat and oxygen to burn. We also heard what you should do if you wake up one night with the smoke alarm in your house going off. Read More


Cookery – 13 February 2018

We were spoiled for choice this week, as both Valentine’s Day and Shrove Tuesday were coming up in the next seven days.

We’ve done a fair bit of Valentine’s crafting over the years, so we opted for pancakes instead.

We don’t have access to a kitchen, so we chose some ready-made pancakes – from Genesis Crafty – and they were delicious! Read More

Arts and crafts – 23 Oct 2017


Booooo!  It was nearly Halloween. We got into our spookiest moods to make some crafty scary things.

First off were the bats. We took the template for the wings and the template for the body and cut out the shapes in black card.

Next, we glued the parts together. We added some googly eyes and then used paint and other decorations to complete our bats. Read More

Arts and crafts – 24 July 2017

At Happy Mondays Club, we’d heard a lot about puffy paint. So we decided to give it a go.

We mixed together:

  • Shaving foam
  • Coloured water-based paint
  • PVA glue.

We made different coloured mixtures and then spooned them into plastic bags. We snipped one of the bottom corners of the bags off, so we had a piping bag through which we could squeeze paint on to the card. Read More

Visitor – 30 January 2017

Today, we had a visitor come to talk to us about keeping well and what to do if something unexpected happens.

We did a quiz where we matched up different events (such as burning yourself when making a hot drink, seeing someone having a seizure, or accidentally cutting yourself) with what we should do (things like running burns under cold water, calling for help, finding a clean dressing and pressing on the wound).


This team had some help from a cheeky monkey!

Read More