Arts and crafts – 5 December 2016

Everyone loves the holidays! To make something a bit different for the festive season, we decided to have a go at these reindeer-inspired Christmas crowns.

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Cookery – 22 August 2016

Every now and then, when we need something sweet and creamy and tangy, we might reach for the cheesecake. This week, we decided to make our own. No oven required!

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Arts and crafts – May 17 2016

It’s that time of year where thoughts turn to holidays, barbecues and other fun things to do. We decided to make our own giant postcards to show some of our favourite things (you can see Mark’s brilliant one above). It couldn’t be easier!

What you need is:

  • A3 paper or card
  • Pile of old newspapers, magazines, pictures, calendars… anything that looks good
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pen to write a message on the back if you want.

We each started with a piece of paper and then trawled through different magazines, newspapers and even out-of-date calendars to find some pictures of things we liked. We cut them out, arranged them on the paper and then glued them down.

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Cookery – February 29 2016

We’re always looking for no-oven cookery we can do, so this week we were very excited to give this recipe for chocolate truffles a try. We washed our hands and got ready.

First thing was to put the ingredients into the bowl and get mixing. You need strong arms!

We found some fun things to roll the truffles in: pink edible glitter, crushed biscuit and chocolate-coated popping candy. We also found some tiny cake cases (they were called “Petit fours cases”).


Once the butter, sugar and cocoa were all mixed in nicely, we put some clingfilm on the tabletop. We dusted some icing sugar on the table and then plopped a small spoonful of mixture on top. Then for the fun bit – rolling the truffles! Read More

Visit: Guildford Fire Station – 22 February 2016


Last year, a brand-new, shiny fire station opened in Guildford, so we went for a nose around. We were met by Paul and some of the other members of Red Watch.

First of all, we looked around the garage. We learned that the fire engines are called ‘appliances’. We enjoyed being able to climb up into the cab!


Paul showed us around the appliance, including all of the equipment and tools it carries. We passed around the thermal imaging camera so we could look through it. Hot things – like our hands and faces – look very bright through this. The firefighters use them to look for people in smoke-filled places. Read More

A visit from the police dogs – 30 March 2015

We were really excited this week to welcome three very special visitors, who came with 10 legs between them.

Surrey Police dog handler Laura came to see us with her two dogs.

First, we met Izzie. She’s a dog that is able to smell people and track them if they’re trying to hide from the police. She was very well behaved. We were surprised that such a fierce-looking dog made such a high-pitched noise though!


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