A visit from the police dogs – 30 March 2015

We were really excited this week to welcome three very special visitors, who came with 10 legs between them.

Surrey Police dog handler Laura came to see us with her two dogs.

First, we met Izzie. She’s a dog that is able to smell people and track them if they’re trying to hide from the police. She was very well behaved. We were surprised that such a fierce-looking dog made such a high-pitched noise though!


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Cookery – 9 March 2015

We started today’s session topsy-turvy by doing the activity first, this was so we could enjoy the fruits of our labour at break time.

To start, we sat in a circle and took turns to name different types of fruit. Then we wrote them down and put them on the piece of coloured card that matches the colour of the fruit. We talked about how it’s good to eat different-coloured food, and that fruit is healthy as it contains vitamins and fibre.

imageThen we got on to the really fun bit! We had a smoothie maker and ingredients, namely:

– fresh strawberries

– fresh bananas

– frozen black cherries

– frozen blueberries

– semi-skimmed milk

– lime and mint (to garnish).

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Arts and crafts – 9 Feb 2015

Everyone needs a little love in their life, and we at Music and Dance Club are no different!

This Monday, we decided to make some arts and crafts around Valentine’s Day. We decorated some cards and then folded some thin coloured paper into hearts (we used the excellent instructions here:http://www.origami-instructions.com/easy-origami-heart.html).

Here’s a selection of what we made, much better than a generic card you can buy from a shop!


Arts and crafts – 1 Dec 2014

We wanted to make something to celebrate Advent and the official countdown to Christmas. So we looked into making some cheery garlands to hang on our bedroom doors.

We each took a paper plate and cut a circle out of the middle, to leave the ridged outer circle. Then, we stuck anything all sorts of things over this to create our decorations. Some of us scrunched up tissue paper into little balls, we had some ready-made stickers and some Christmassy foam shapes and some longer tissue paper we tied into ribbons. Which is your favourite?


Cookery – 23 April 2012

This year, St George’s Day (the day to celebrate the patron saint of England) fell on a Monday. This, along with the fact that our very own George has been a longstanding member of Music and Dance Club, meant that we dedicated this week’s cookery activity to all things George.

We made biscuits showing the St George’s flag and, to commemorate the dragon he slayed, we made dragons’ nest complete with eggs.

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Cookery – 23 Jan 2012

Fridge cake

The finished product. Try and resist long enough to give it an hour or so in the fridge!

Happy (belated) new year from Music and Dance Club!

As always, food is never far from our minds. We don’t have access to an oven though, so have to be a bit creative when thinking about what we can make. This week we decided to try something a few people had suggested on Twitter: fridge cake.

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Cookery – 14 November 2011

Inspired by Guy Fawkes’ Night and the disappointing lack of appealing things to eat available at Guildford’s Stoke Park fireworks, we decided to create some edible apple heads this week.

You will need:

  • One apple per person (not too shiny!)
  • Milk chocolate and white chocolate, melted over warm water
  • Strawberry laces
  • Cake decorating sprinkles
  • Any other sweets you like (we used jelly tots and chocolate fingers).

First step was to put newspaper on the table and floor to catch any chocolate/sweet debris. We couldn’t find skewers so we balanced our apples on upside-down plastic cups (as these were disposable, it saved on tidying up too). We selected the chocolate first and spooned it over the apple. Some of us chose a mixture of milk and white.

Then, before the chocolate completely hardened, we began to construct our apple face. Take a look at the gallery to see the different ways we used the bits and pieces we’d bought to decorate.

Chocolate, sweets and one of our five-a-day. Genius!

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